• Load test

    We perform tensile and elongation tests on all incoming materials according to the current material standard. Carbon steel is tested according to EN-ISO 898-1 and 2 and stainless steel according to EN-ISO 3506.

    During the production we make the tensile and elongation tests and save the data according to ISO 9001, with reference to the order traceability number, which follow all the documents and is marked on the physical item.

    All the testing data is included in the 3.1 certificate, which explain the product's technical specifications with reference to traceability, the production order and date.

    We perform load tests at machines with capacity of 300 T and a 600 T.

    The tests are performed according to those standards that are currently relevant on the market. Tests can also be performed according to specific custormer requirements.

  • coordinate measuring

    We have equipment to perform hardness testing according to Vickers test EN-ISO 6507, Brinell test EN-ISO 6506 and Rockwell EN-ISO 6508 to ensure that the mechanical requirements for hardness has been reached.

    By selecting a hardness test method, depending on different parameter e.g. type of materiale,

  • Measuring of thread and dimension tolerance

    We perform the measuring thread and dimension tolerance on optical co-ordinate measuring machines, which gives us the option to measure complex holes, thread profiles, angles and other dimensions, that are difficult to located by using conventional measuring tools. The tolerance from co-ordinate measuring machines are down to 0.001 mm.

    Data from the co-ordinate measuring can be converted directly to DXF files and be presented by solid works.

    Data from the co-ordinate measurement gives a unique opportunity to produce tailor made customized designed products.

    Thread tolerances are measured and controlled with calibrated thread gauges according to EN-ISO 965.

  • impact test

    We have equipment to do charpy impact test for materials according to EN 10045 standard. This standard defines, dimension and tolerance type of notch (U or V), force, verification of impact testing etc.

    The test consists  of breaking by one blow from a swinging pendulum. The energy absorbed is determined in joules. The test also allows verification of the properties at working conditions by minus degrees.

    National standards corresponding to EN 10045-2 / DIN 51306.

  • Traceability / 3.1 certificats

    All products are marked with traceability data, which indicate the products heritage, production month/year and batch. This data is supported by the 3.1 certificate, which states the properties of the item.

    The 3.1 certificate included following information:

    • Material certification
    • Chemical composition
    • Mechanical test
    • Dimension test
    • Load test