• CNC-turning
    • CNC-milling
    • Grinding
    • Tapping

    Our machining park has a large number of high-tech precision machines which makes it possible to produce precision products and components with high requirements for tolerances and uniformity.

    We perform machining in nearly all types of materials, both low and high alloy steel, plastics, aluminum and cast iron. 


    • Laser cutting
    • Tube laser cutting
    • Plasma cutting
    • Stamping

    Our plate department has a strong set up of machines from plate laser cutting, tube laser cutting, cutting/bending machines to conversion stamping machines. The machine park does enables production in stainless steel and steel.

  • Tube bending

    • CNC controlled tube bending

    We perform pipe bending in all alloys and materials. The production is done on CNC controlled machines, working capacity up to a dimension of 65 mm.


  • Profile rolling

    • Materials up to 2,5 mm thick, up to 220 mm wide
    • Wide range of geometric possibilities
    • In-line features incl. hole punching and cutting length
    • In-line welding enables enclosed shapes


    We have two profile coil roll lines, which can produce both open and closed welded profiles in customer-specified lengths.

    Materials up to 2.5 mm thick and 220 mm wide. Wide range of geometric possibilities. Tolerances as low as +/- 0.05 mm. Suitable for ferrous, nonferrous, stainless steel and other malleable metals.

  • Welding

    • TIG welding in stainless steel
    • MIG welding in aluminum
    • Spot welding

    The welding department consists of regular welding methods as well as modern welding robots and technology, which enables us to do nearly all types of welding.

    We ensure the quality through documentation ISO 3834-2 and
    EN 1090-1.

  • draft Image

    Aluminium extrusion

    • High pressure aluminum casting machines (from 50 tons to 1350 tons pressure)
    • High pressure plastic molding
    • Low pressure aluminum molding
    • Steel/casting works

    We offers capacity of aluminium extruding as profiles or as finished machine products operated by the certified ISO 9001 system.

  • casting

    • High pressure casting
    • Low pressure casting
    • Injection casting in plast
    • Crocile casting
    • Sandcasting

    We operate in many different methods and materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, plastic etc. delivered in all finish grades sub-components or as a finished item.

  • forging

    • Wide selction of product variants
    • Certified materials
    • High quality materials (avoid brittleness)

    Forging is a part of our additionaly production of lifting components to building industry as well as production for many variants of industrial parts used for agriculture etc. The forging is carried out using certified materials and under constant supervision in order to maintain correct tempertures, avoid brittleness and achieve the highest quality.

  • surface treatment¬†

    • Hot deep galvanization
    • Zinc plating 
    • Powder coating

    Most of the items we produce require some kind of surface treatment such as galvanizing, electro galvanizing, powder lacquering, or wet lacquering. We offer and deliver all of these services.