About us

About us

HANYANG GROUP is a manufacturer and global supplier of components for precast, formwork, construction and industrial products for many different industries. We only produce in our own factories on modern high technology machines which insure maximized cost efficiencies. We offer both standard and custormer designed solutions in both large and small order quantities.

The production is based on high quality, safty, values as well as profitability. To insure that all processes and products are produced and controlled according to ISO 9001/ EN 1090-2.

HANYANG GROUP is a family owned company with representation departsments placed in United States, Germany, France and Denmark, and more then 450 employees worldwide.

We are close to our custormers in both technical and cultural persprective, which garantee our custormers safety, stability, performance and credibility.


vision and mission


Leading global supplier of product for building and industrial use.

Constantly optimal production based on modern technology to meet the development and the future.



To ensure optimal balance between high quality, safety, stability, service, optimal competitiveness, based on techniques and engineering performance.



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    Our main focus and priority is to understand our customers needs and to bring added value to the highest standards for our custormers. 

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    We are cost-efficient without effecting the ability to produce the best results.

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    We are constantly looking for new solutions and encourage our people to be innovative.

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    We ensure our custormers safety, stability, performance and credibility in all our procedures.