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HANYANG GROUP produce a wide range of products for prefab, concrete and general industry. The products are offered as standard and custom designed. HANYANG GROUP organization consists of an experienced team of engineers and technicians with a broad knowledge in production methods and materials to enable the production of a wide range of tasks.

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HANYANG GROUP has a large production of components.

HANYANG GROUP production equipment cosisting of CNC, laser, profile rolling,

forming technology and welding by robots. We offer capacity of many product variants.

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Design & manufacture

HANYANG GROUP is a manufacturing and engineering company, that strategically aims to act as a loyal partner for the customer. we are involved in the entire development phase from idea to production and distribution. In order to meet custormer tasks, such as development, design and testing. HANYANG GROUP has a large strong team of engineers and technicians with a great deal of experience to assist in the product development.

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    Understanding our customers and their needs is our main focus and priority.

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    We are cost-efficient without effecting the ability to produce the best results.

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    We are constantly looking for new solutions and encourage our people to be innovative

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    We deliver what is promised and inform during the process to ensure satisfaction.

values & strategy

HANYANG GROUP'S strategy is to be a respeced partner, who constantly update knowledge to achieve market movements. These movements are in direction of increasing demand of quality system by certification. Especially the market constant request for competitive prices achieving these head themes require values, which HANYANG GROUP has a clear defination of which are an intigrated mindset in all our decisions.

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    ISO 9001

    ISO 9001 an international standard for quality management. ISO 9001 is used to implement, maintain and develop a quality management system to manage the business and ensure that the quality is in accordance with the specified requirements. 

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    ISO 3834 - 2 :2006

    This part of ISO 3834 defines complete quality requirements for melt welding of metallic materials in welding workshops and assembly sites.     

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    EN 1090-1 + A1:2012

    This European Standard specifies requirements for conformity assessment of the performance characteristics of structural steel and aluminum parts as well as elements for use as building materials. 


We are proud of being certified by the best.

We know that documentation, traceability and CE marking have become more important for our custormers and there efforts to provide a complete quality documetation.  


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