Sandwich anchor

Sandwich anchors are specially designed for use in prefabricated sandwich panels for lifting, transportation and handling

Sandwich anchors are designed and manufactured in accordance with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and VDI/BV-BS 6205.The sandwich anchors meet the requirements for safe lifting and handling of concrete elements.

Material: Steel S355JS
Marking: Load group + starcon, batch code, CE.
Working temperature: 200° C
Surface treatment: Black or hot dip galvanized.

Material: S355J2
Surface treatment: Plain, hot dip galvanized and electro galvanized.

All items are:

  • CE Marked

  • With traceability no

  • Delivered with 3.1 certificate

  • Can be delivered as private label

Product Specifications

Load group L W T
2,5 T 200 mm 40 mm 10 mm
5,0 T 300 mm 60 mm 15 mm
7,5 T 350 mm 80 mm 16 mm
10,0 T 350 mm 80 mm 20 mm